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What Is An Interstitionary?

Just like its namesake organ in the body an Interstitionary connects all the dots in life.

[Scientific American article: Meet Your Interstitium, a Newfound “Organ”]

An Interstitionary sees the big picture, and more importantly the ways that everything affects everything else. They might solve a problem in marketing by getting an admin assistant to understand the role of the directors. They might solve a problem in finance by connecting a client with one of the client’s suppliers. (These are two real-world cases that I have solved in the field).

As you can see, an interstitionary steps outside the normal boundaries of job titles and roles and has no problem going into anywhere and talking with anyone to get to the root of a problem, and find smart solutions that may not be obvious.

When you have an interstitionary in your business or life you will have difficulty answering the question “But what do they do?” You will also find your business or life vastly improved by their presence.

I offer retained interstitionary services. The agreement works something along the lines of:

“You pay me to show up. I do everything in my power to help your business succeed. If you stop seeing value, we part ways and you stop paying me.”

If you would like to find how I might help you and your business, get in touch and we’ll grab a Zoom call, coffee or lunch with no obligation.

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