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Interim/Consultant COO, Interstitionary[?] and Business Troubleshooter.

Hi. I’m George Carter and I help your small business to thrive by streamlining your systems, communications, people and finances.


I have twelve years’ experience of working directly with small businesses to help them achieve more with limited resources. All with less stress, hassle and headaches.

As an essentialist, I believe in doing what’s important. There are only a few things that will really make an impact in your business. I will help you to find them and act on them. By way of example, I once helped a client to win £600k of business simply by spending thirty minutes updating their LinkedIn profile.

As a multi-potentialite, I bring knowledge from many diverse industries and join the dots within your business to benefit from the lessons learnt. Over my years I’ve worked in the Tech, Creative, Sales & Marketing, Events and Health & Wellness sectors… each has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that can benefit the others.

As an interstitionary, I open the lines of communication and information flow within the business, dissolving the problems and resentments associated with assumptions, uncertainty and unvoiced opinions.

Among my top values are:


You’re building a business to give you more freedom and more happiness. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by it, give me a call.

You’ll get an easier time in your business, and I’ll get the satisfaction (and financial reward) of helping interesting people to do cool stuff.


No time like the present…

Contact me on +44 (0)7497 847 098 or email

We’ll jump on Zoom and I’ll learn a bit about your situation and make my recommendations free of obligation. If I’m not right for you (or you’re not right for me) we’ll part way with no hard feelings – and I guarantee you will gain value simply from our meeting.

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